Our Program

Creating Tomorrow’s Circus Today

Building upon the strong foundations of the successful Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, Circadium is a full-time, 3-year, professional training program for circus artists. We are the first school in the United States to be state-licensed, granting a Diploma of Circus Arts.

As a non-profit vocational college, we have the mission of cultivating, inspiring, and innovating contemporary circus performance in America.

Program Overview

At Circadium, students train intensively in core circus disciplines: acrobatics, aerials, juggling and equilibristics. The other major part of the curriculum is 10+ hours per week of theatre and dance. In addition to these classes, students will also take the following academic courses (academic courses take up 6 hours per week):

  • Year 1: History of Circus, Theatre, and Dance; Music; Writing; Fundamentals of Movement
  • Year 2: Marketing; Design (Photography, Videography, Web); Fundamentals of Movement; one elective: Costume Design or Theatre Tech
  • Year 3: Business; Fundamentals of Movement; two electives: Costume Design, Theatre Tech, Teaching Circus, Prop-Building, Rigging, French, Public Speaking

The goal of this extensive curriculum is to create well-rounded artists with exceptional physical skills, performance skills, and tools to build their professional careers.