Frequently Asked Questions

No, Circadium has chosen to be a vocational college, licensed by the State Board of Private Licensed Schools, Pennsylvania Department of Education to grant the Circadium Diploma of Circus Arts. This is not quite the same as being an accredited university. 

The only differences between our vocational program and an accredited university are that the credits you receive from your Circadium classes are not transferable to another school, and you are not eligible for federal student loans.

Vocational schools are carefully monitored by the Board of Education, and we function under strict rules of operational procedure and financial management set out by the Private Licensed Schools division.

We are currently researching our options for independent accreditation, which takes several years. The credit hours of our program surpass the credit hours required for a BA or BFA, but our costs remain lower because of our vocational status, which we think gives the best of both worlds for now.

Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year is $13,000.00.

Yes – Circadium is able to offer need-based institutional grants, and work-study. 

We do not have student dormitories; we help students find apartments and home-shares in the neighborhoods of Northwest Philadelphia.

The academic classes are in place to serve the student’s artistic career; most coursework is verbal / participatory, and we are able to work with students at any level.

Students must be 18 years old before the course begins. There is no upper age limit, but we counsel students over 30 to be sure they can handle three years of full-time, strenuous physical activity before applying.

Circadium does not have a part-time option. If you are looking for part-time, recreational, or youth training, consider the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, our sister school.