Jenna Horton

Jenna Horton is a performance artist vibrating somewhere between the ordinary and the absurd. She grew up as a white American in Denver, CO in the 90s, and moved to Philadelphia, PA in 2009, where she has been for over a decade. Some past collaborations include: Jenna Horton Live On Zoom with Neofuturist Kurt Chiang, Annie Wilson’s Lovertits, Team Sunshine’s ¡Bienvenidos Blancos! or Welcome White People! and The Sincerity Project ‘14 & ‘16, SwimPony’s The End, Headlong’s The Quiet Circus, The Berserker Residents’ The Giant Squid, and Polyglot’s Ants and Paper Planet. She has acted for companies including Lightning Rod Special, EgoPo, Applied Mechanics, Shakespeare in Clark Park, Theatre Ariel, Inis Nua, and Nature Theatre of Oklahoma. She leads one of Hidden City’s most popular tours, “Subterranean Philly: What Lies Beneath.” She makes sculptures from trash, is an alumna of Brown University and Headlong Performance Institute, and a former writer for thINKingDance.